Cyanide & Happiness Tile  v.

Receive the Cyanide & Happiness comic daily on a live tile. View comics,

Cyanide & Happiness  v.

Cyanide & Happiness (As seen on the internet!) has finally made it's way to Windows! Comics, shorts, really exciting news, it's all right at your fingertips! Plus some other things! Features include: * Comic Archive: Get access to all ~1,800 C&H


Cyanide and Happiness Feed  v.

Get the latest news and updates about Cyanide and Happiness,

Pro Cycling Manager - Season 2010  v.

For nearly 10 years, the Cycling Manager series, designed by Cyanide studio, has provided a clever mix between sports simulation and management.

PCM Dashboard  v.1 1

Jape, known for his save game editors for Pro Cycling Manager 2006, has done it again!

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